Villa & Partners

What we do

Developing talents, helping organizations grow

Executive Search

We assist companies, entrepreneurs and private equity funds in finding the very best resources.

A deep understanding of client needs lies at the heart of our tailor-made approach to meeting the specific requirements of organizations and managers.

We assist CEOs and C-level executives in evaluating opportunities that will further enhance their skills.

Our approach is based on an ongoing collaboration and synergy with our clients.

Talent Recruitment

We specialize in the discovery and selection of resources best qualified to bringing value to an organization.

Our approach combines skilled analysis, a vast network of contacts, and a deep understanding of specific needs. Working closely with our clients, we identify their requirements and goals, and then set in motion a targeted search for the most suitable talent.

We are proud to have helped numerous companies find resources that have played a part in its success while fulfilling their own professional goals.


We support the growth and development of managers in settings of significant change.

Our projects speed up the transformation of competent managers into extraordinary leaders. The result is a marked improvement in both their performance and that of their organization.

This activity brings lasting, strategic change. Key to this is the sharing of opinions on how the organization and its people work to achieve the set goals.  

Managers and key resources take active roles on this path to achieving stated objectives in the development of their skills.


Villa & Partners has considerable experience in evaluating managerial talents. This experience can also be drawn on when companies are planning on investing in valuable resources.

Executive Assessment allows for an evaluation of a company’s human capital and its potential for growth based on a predefined set of competencies. Current and past managerial behaviors are taken as starting points for predicting future behaviors and performance.

Our methodology begins with a detailed analysis of the organizational culture, company needs, and the skills deemed essential to successfully perform a specific role. Key competences are measured using specific indicators, assigning levels to the behaviors of the resource being evaluated on a scale of increasing difficulty and complexity.

Our methodology also includes benchmarking individual behaviors and competences against best performers holding similar roles in comparable organizations.