Our Mission

Our main objective is to facilitate a meeting point between local and global approaches to Executive Search, starting with a deep understanding of the dynamics of our local market. This means being able to find solutions that can accommodate all interested parties in the talent search processes, including both supply and demand, regardless of the cultural features of the country of origin.

The variety of corporate profiles interested in finding managerial talent and resources on the job market requires that the consultancy approaches adopted for different types of Executive Search should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Our strength is the ability to customize our services according to the specific needs of the stakeholders involved in the recruitment processes (companies and managers), providing solutions which adapt to specific timing and methodology requirements.

VP Executive Search uses this approach in order to be an effective partner and the meeting point between supply and demand of managerial skills. On the contrary, other players have been limited to replicating “consultancy” business models, conceived and developed for non-locally specific markets. These models are often more orientated in meeting analysts and investors needs.

Our Network

VP Executive Search’s network of partners is based on a completely unique mix of expertise.

The team originates from a network of professionals who have acquired both management and consulting experience at important companies operating in our market.

Skills range from general management and management consultancy to auditing, fiscal and legal consultancy and corporate finance.

In a market which has changed so quickly and dramatically over the last few years, we believe that the contribution from our partners is crucial in order to continue to effectively understand and meet the needs of our clients, whether they are companies or managers.

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