Executive Search

Our work method is tailored to the needs of the company and manager and is based on an understanding of those needs during the recruitment project.

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    After identifying a project supervisor within VP Search team with specific expertise in the industry/role, we complete a joint analysys as regards to needs of parties involved in the process, with the aim of sharing our group’s large knowledge base.

    VP Search goes beyond the typical work of a Head Hunter and supports the company throughout the recruitment process. This is done both by activating its network of candidates with professional experience similar to the requested profile, and through a systematic and detailed mapping within a list of companies agreed upon with the client.
    The approach of VP Search is based on continuous cooperation and knowledge sharing with the companies we work with: our output creates not only a shortlist of candidates who meet the requested search criteria, but also systematic reports on recruitment status which becomes an important tool to benchmark the market for our clients.

    We also check candidates’ references, typically through a set of previous employers. They help us not only by providing feedback on the reliability of candidates encountered, but also by better assessing their personal and professional characteristics. The objective is to evaluate the “potential fit” with the corporate client and to understand the values and culture of managers and companies.

    Our Areas of Specialization

    Our group has worked in a wide variety of outstanding “made in Italy” industries. In particular, we would like to note the following:

    • Fashion / Luxury / Design
    • FMCG
    • Healthcare & Pharma
    • Industrial, Automotive / Automotive components / Precision Mechanics
    • Insurance / Banking
    • Oil & Gas / Energy
    • Private Equity / M&A
    • Tax & Law Firm


Executive Assessment

VP Executive Search has developed a proven ability to assess managerial talent trough the so called Executive Assesment method. This tool has been designed to enhance a company’s talent selection, development and succession management capabilities.

It gives companies a clearer view of the people and leaders within the organization, as well as identify potential who could step into a leadership role in the future.

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    This methodology is based on the assumption that expertise, considered an “intrinsic characteristic of the individual that leads to an effective or superior performance in a job”, is the most important element used to assess human capital. Thus, current and past management behavior is the starting point for anticipating a resource’s future behavior and performance.

    Our process is developed through a careful analysis of the corporate culture, the client’s needs and the skills that the company considers essential to successfully perform a certain professional role. These are chosen and defined by the client, in order to obtain a “skills repertoire” that provides a framework of the “core competences” to be examined through the Executive Assessment. Each core competence is measured through specific indicators that, according to a scale of increasing difficulty and complexity, associate a level to a given behavior demonstrated by the resource under assessment.

    Executive Assessment requires the use of different tools, chosen accordingly to the corporate needs but also based on the features of the population under assessment: i.e. individual or group exercises, case studies, questionnaires and structured individual interviews. Through the Executive Assessment, VP Executive Search can provide Corporate clients with a thorough and complete framework for every resource included in the process, regarding: skills assessment, the resource’s strengths and weaknesses and an assessment of growth potential. This allows the company to receive an external, neutral and objective evaluation, useful for helping the company to make strategic decisions regarding its organizational evolution. Our methodology also includes a benchmarking of individual behaviors and skills with “best performers” in comparable roles at similar organizations.


Executive Mentoring

The weak point in the Italian SMEs change processes is constantly shifting from a family culture to a managerial culture.
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    Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to this transformation phase and to potential conflicts that such situations may generate. Executive Mentoring offers a solution as it helps align those who are involved: both former and new shareholders and managers, as well as employees and stakeholders.

    Executive Mentoring is a process supporting the growth of managers and their organizational behaviors, in increasingly complex and deeply changing environment. This method originates from the Anglo-Saxon world and has been adapted to the Italian contexts.

    Unlike coaching, which aims to develop the behavior of a single manager, Executive Mentoring is intended to support managers in directly impacting the effectiveness of the organization.

    From a practical point of view, an Executive Mentoring program involves several steps, beginning with collecting information on the company, its strategic goals and evaluating its organizational structure. The following steps include sharing the results with shareholders and stakeholders, as well as the overall planning of the program.

    It is at this point that the core activity of the Executive Mentoring actually begins. This involves consultants working side-by-side with the management team in order to suggest the correct behaviors within various aspects of the business life: from the management of the direct supervisor/co-worker relationships to working in a team; from building of the engagement among all team members to result driven attitude.

    It is a virtuous journey which does not develop within the confined walls of a consultancy firm, but rather it responds to a precise market demand. More frequently, when a business is facing changing of paths, a head hunter is asked to identify the right managers for that stage, but also to support the managers in order to avoid jeopardizing the process through small and large challenges typical of these situations.


International Projects

With an increasing globalization of the market over the years, VP Executive Search has consolidated its knowhow and network to support companies recruiting managers in international contexts.
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    We have supported local companies expanding outside the domestic markets, but also international groups recruiting management profiles at a corporate and country level in Europe and across other continents.

    Our projects have included:

    • Group CFO: Corporate Position, UK (Distribution Industry)
    • Regional HR Director: Corporate Position, UK (Distribution Industry)
    • HR Director and Industrial Relations Director: Country Position, France (Pharmaceutical Industry)
    • Country Manager, Country Position, Germany (Consumer Industry)
    • CFO, Country Position, Brasil (Automotive Industry)
    • Sales Manager, Country Position, Germany (Industrial Automation Industry)
    • Country Manager, Country Position, Poland (Automotive Industry)
    • Country and Sales Manager, Country Position China (Home Appliances)
    • Plant HR Manager, USA (Automotive)


Temporary Management

In today’s market, companies have growing needs in terms of staffing flexibility.
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    Corporate might need experienced leadership to pursue planned or unexpected opportunities, contend with executive turnover or drive strategic transactions.

    Temporary management represents a low risk strategy to investigate a market place or to lead start-up and turnaround situations, ensuring programme delivery.

    VP Executive Search can find experienced professionals to work on a temporary basis who enjoy the variety of assignments and the changing challenges of it. We guide the process and assure stability through periods of transition.

    All type of corporate roles can be filled with temporary management: we recently notice an increase of demand of jobs within Administration, Finance and Control, Logistics and Supply Chain and General Management.



Thanks to its network of professionals in strategic, legal and business consulting, as well as its professional expertise in Executive Search, VP provides qualified support and solutions for business governance.
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    In particular, VP Search is able to use specific assessments of individual members and team as a whole to evaluate management boards.

    Through focused industry mapping, VP Search offers alternative solutions in the recruitment of board members in order to meet a specific set of skills or to re-balance after regulatory changes, both when seeking specific skills and when re-balancing after regulatory changes (e.g. recruiting to fulfill “women’s quotas”).

    Lastly, we are increasingly asked to provide opinions on the adequacy of remunerative levels for corporate bodies, such as executive committees and board members (executives and NEDs).